Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet the New 22: JoJo Marasco.

Congratulations go out to JoJo Marasco on earning the right to wear the 22 this upcoming season for the Orange Lax Team.  JoJo is following in the footsteps of SU greats such as: Cody Jamieson, Dan Hardy, Mikey Powell, Casey Powell, Ryan Powell, and Gary Gait.  What does all of this mean?  Oh not much, outside of the fact that my buddy's got a lot to live up to.  But if anybody is up for the challenge it's JoJo.  The pride of Somers, NY tallied 17 points as a Freshman last year in just 10 games, and will look to expand on those numbers this year.

The new QB.
With the departures of Seniors: Chris Daniello, Cody Jamieson, and Max Bartig; JoJo will be counted on to do a lot of the scoring for the Orange this season.  Along with Seniors: Stephen Keogh, Josh Amidon, Jeremy Thompson, and Joel White.  The Orange will once again start the season (and finish it) ranked amongst the top teams in the country; as they look to rebound from a disappointing finish against Army in the Carrier Dome last season during the NCAA Tournament. 

You can't of course win them all, even though we sure try (and most of the time succeed) up on the hill.  In my opinion, a return to glory should be in the cards this season for the SU Men's Lax team.  After all, when you've got guys like JoJo Marasco leading your team, only good things can happen.  Congratulations again JoJo, and good luck this season.  And lastly, Go Orange!


  1. it's always nice to see a good lax post out there

  2. Especially one concerning the best team in the country.

  3. My friend got recruited last season for the Orange, dunno if he's gonna see any field time this season!