Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Poor Jaguars Fans

Sorry this is a little late .. but I've been a tad bit busy.  Anyways, on to the post:

I still have a job? Seriously?
The Jaguars organization and their fans got their first taste of what us Bills fans have been complaining about for 3 years now on Monday night; Trent Edwards.  Or should I say, Trent Edwards' horrific play.  In one half of football Trent Edwards managed to sum up his entire NFL career thus far.  14-24 for 140 yards, 2 INT's, a 40.3 QB rating, running out of bounds in situations where you have nothing to lose by just throwing the ball, and of course ... getting injured.  This guy is just so petrified to take a shot downfield it is remarkable.  In 35 career games he has NEVER had a 300 yard passing game; something even J.P. Losman managed to do on accident on 2 seperate occasions.  This kid is just awful, whoever it was that decided the Jaguars should waste a roster spot on him, is more than likely the same guy that decided David Garrard was a franchise QB .... FAIL. 

I sincerely feel bad for Jaguars fans .. if they even exist.  At this point the thought of a "Jaguars fan" seems kind of like a mythological creature.  You know .. like the centaur or something.  But in any event, if they do exist .. I feel bad for them.  I'm sorry that you guys have to now witness what we've been suffering through for quite a while now.  I wouldn't wish that on anybody .. except for maybe Jets fans.  But hey look on the bright side, at least your team has 3 wins I guess?  Ugh ... has basketball season started yet?

Half man, half God, half .... possible centaur.

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