Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ryan Miller Would Be a Great Politician.

Basically, Ryan Miller should run for President. Okay, well maybe just focus on New York governor (he would already be better than the jokes we have running now). I love the comments he made, all of which were spot on and 100% true. Miller, Pominville, Roy, Vanek, Connolly, etc have been together for over 5 years now, people should stand up for their teammate/friend.

If you haven't seen or heard the comments made by Millzy regarding the hit on Jason Pominville last night against the Blackhawks, here's a link. Oh I can't wait until these two teams play again... it's on Saturday! I have a feeling there might be some words/fists exchanged. I already heard a rumor that Pat Kaleta & Pat Kane did such a thing at Sunset Bay Beach Club in Buffalo earlier this summer. Don't quote me, just a rumor i read/heard today. (PS Kaleta, these next stretch of games would be a perfect opportunity for you to score 4 or 5 goals.... someones got to make up for Pommers, who by the way, will miss his first NHL game Wednesday when the Devils come to HSBC Arena. It will effectively end his consecutive games played streak at 336 games.)

The hit was dirty. Like Millzy said, there really is no place for it in the game, no matter if you were trying to make a play or not. It deserved a 5 minute major & game, as what was handed out. The Sabres never recovered. They lost 4-3, and many players were visibly shaken on the bench after the hit, and even after the game in the locker room. For those who may have missed it, here is the hit.

Can we also notice that the first Buffalo Sabre to start beating the crap out of Hjalmarsson was Tim Connolly? TIM CONNOLLY? Good for him, he should start doing that more often. Then again, no, just focus on scoring/setting up goals. I have a strange and sad feeling that Pommers wont be the same after this.

To the Blackhawks announcers, coach, and anyone who has/had no problem with this. Switch the players around, you would react the same way us Sabre & hockey fans are today. Thank you Ryan Miller for speaking out against hits like these. He's right, there is no place for them. Ever.

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  1. While I'm sure I've seen much more malicious hits, this was just an all around dirty and STUPID hit.