Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trent Edwards' Intel?

Earlier in the week, Chris Brown from posted a story about Trent Edwards and how the Bills were going to counter his "intel" during the game today against the Jacksonville Jaguars. I just have one question: What in the holy hell does Trent Edwards' intel consist of?
On his knees, as usual.

Through the past three seasons I haven't seen ANYTHING from Trent Edwards that gave me ANY indication that he understood how to run an offense. The extent of Trent Edwards' "intel" as far as the Buffalo Bills offense is concerned is, "Fred Jackson is open 2 yards downfield."  I'd also like to know, what was it about Trent Edwards' career that made the Jacksonville Jaguars feel as though he was a capable NFL QB?  Was it the fact that he's thrown more INT's than TD's in his career?  Or maybe the fact that in 3+ NFL seasons he's never had a 300 yard passing game (something even the lowly David Garrard has done 5 times).  Or maybe it was just his boyish good looks?  I guess we'll never know.

What I do know is; I am deeply saddened and upset by the fact that I now live 90 miles from Trent Edwards.  I thought when the Buffalo Bills cut him that I rid him from my life forever, but no, of course not.  I just can't get away from this guy.  He's the bane of my existence.  I am literally sitting on my couch right now PRAYING that Trent Edwards somehow gets into the game today and that the Buffalo Bills defense just absolutely decapitates him (personal foul or not).  The only way that situation could be any better was if the severed head of Trent Edwards flew into the crowd, knocking unconscious an inexplicably present Dick Jauron.  Which in turn somehow sent the entire universe into a black hole of time reverting us back to the year 1990, where in Scott Norwood kicks the ball exactly 3 feet further to the left.  Hey, we all have dreams.


  1. hey, you get to watch today.. more than us in Buffalo can do! Thank you Jacksonville!

  2. I've got DirecTV/Sunday Ticket so I'd be watching either way. But .. it wasn't worth watching past the 1st half. I don't understand how this defense got so much worse between last year and this year. I realize the scheme change and not having the proper personnel have something to do with it, but God.