Friday, October 15, 2010


The Sabres must be drinking some Gatorade supplied from their brothers from Orchard Park. That has to be the explanation. Derek Roy must not like it though. Defensive lapses (Darcy Reiger was on the radio today, he said the defense has been decent, more worried about the offense), lack of goals (9 in 5 games), and a horrible powerplay.

Here in Buffalo, many people ALREADY want to trade Vanek, Connolly, Stafford, Miller, basically anyone not named Tyler Myers, Tyler Ennis, or Derek Roy. These people are the same ones who think Miller isn't good, and the Sabres won't win a Stanley Cup with Tim Connolly in the blue & gold. Don't get me started on the idiot that writes for the Buffalo News, Jerry Sullivan. He has about as much brains as a cast member of the Jersey Shore.

Here's the deal people. The season is 5 games old. Yes, the fact that they've lost 4 straight at home is very disturbing, but they do have time to turn things around. Hell, they only need to get to 8th place. Ask the Flyers and the Canadiens how that worked for them last season. Like Darcy said in the interview on WGR 550 this afternoon, they need time to jell. There are new parts to this team, and it may take some time to adjust to a lot of things... playing in Lindy's system, the environment in Buffalo, the people around them, etc.

All the Sabres need to do is WAKE UP. Vanek will go nuts soon. He always does. He has games where he can never seem to get a break, then he will go on a terror where he scores 4 or 5 a game for 3 games. Connolly hasn't played well at all. He's in a contract year, you think he's going to play like crap the entire year? Pommers will be back in a week or two, Ennis will get one soon (one of the few Sabres who looked like they were trying tonight). Many of the goals against the Sabres this year were bad bounces (I.E. the one of Butler's skate), but those can be stopped with better play in their own end.

My point is, calm down, it's an 82 game season. People need to slow down & realize this: the Sabres have more wins than the Bills.

Sabres 1, Bills 0.
Suck on that, Bills.


  1. Definitely the truth, but it's depressing how bad they've been playing. We usually start the year off hot.

  2. agreeed, they need to get it together