Friday, October 1, 2010

Aaron Maybin or Erik Flowers?

Aaron Maybin might as well pull a Chad Ochocinco, and change his name to Erik Flowers.  Flowers was arguably the worst 1st round draft pick in the history of the Buffalo Bills franchise, but Aaron Maybin is quickly catching and surpassing him.

In his 19 games in Buffalo Maybin has amassed an eye-popping 23 total tackles, and 0 sacks.  Drafted as a supposed "pass rush specialist" so far Maybin has looked about as much pass rusher as tackling dummy.  I mean, the kid gets manhandled on every single play; and then celebrates on plays where he gets credit for an assisted tackle 10 yards downfield.  Even Flowers had better statistics in his time in Buffalo.  Flowers had 4 sacks through 2 seasons.  Maybin is on pace for .... oh yeah .. zero.  If you're wondering why it is the Buffalo Bills can't get out of this rut that they're currently in, look no further than draft choices like this guy:

This is an NFL defensive lineman.  Seriously.

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