Monday, October 4, 2010

Layout and the Jets.

No, this post has nothing to do with what I suspect most Jet fans dream about when they go to sleep (Mark Sanchez laying out by the pool naked).  Sorry to disappoint any Jet fans that may happen to read.  More or less I am too lazy to update with pictures and spruce the blog up, but I will eventually.  That being said ..

Yes Jet fans, that is your QB.
Is it possible that Mark Sanchez (and the entire New York Jets team for that matter) could be any MORE of a tool?  After the Jets thoroughly romped the Bills today, Sanchez unleashed this gem: "Even now, I think we still feel like we could be 4-0, it's frustrating. We still want that first game."  Seriously?  Maybe you lost that game because you played like complete GARBAGE.  10 of 21 for 74 yards .. yippee. 

But seriously, I just can't see why everyone is all over this guy's crap like it doesn't stink?  He's a very inaccurate passer (53.8% last year and right on pace this year), he plays the most vanilla scheme in the world because his team has the best O-line and arguably best running game in the league, and he's got a defense that's pretty much second to none.  He had 28 turnovers last year and it's only a matter of time before he starts turning the ball over this year as well.  Maybe he'll turn out to be a good player, maybe he won't.  All I know is, I've never seen a player who led the league in INT's the previous season and pretty much looked like garbage the entire year be SO hyped.  The Jets will continue to win football games but make no mistake about it, it won't be because of Mark Sanchez, it will be because of that defense and that offensive line.  Hell, even Trent Edwards would be successful behind that line. Ah who am I kidding?

Thanks for wasting 3+ seasons of my life, guy.


  1. You know it's getting bad when you release your starter, and contemplate benching the back up all in the same week. Poor Buffalo.

  2. That's what we do ya know? We're sort of like the Cleveland Browns when it comes to QB's ... except not QUITE as pathetic.