Monday, October 4, 2010

Chad Henne's Hand?

I dare anyone to attempt to explain to me what it is that led to Chad Henne doing this with his left hand when he throws a football.  Seriously, please comment and attempt to explain.  I mean, what is he even doing with that thing?  Outside of practicing for his next profession of being a waiter of course.  The Bills may be a terrible joke of a professional football team right now, but at least our QB doesn't look like this when he throws the ball:

Can I get a refill please?
So we've got that going for us I guess?

Speaking of the Dolphins, as if it wasn't bad enough that their official team colors are "teal" and "salmon" why did they feel the need to make their helmets so glittery? Every time I watch the Dolphins play I feel like I'm watching a terrible unfunny live version of a Lisa Frank notebook or something.  I mean seriously, can you think of a professional sports team with uglier uniforms than the Miami Dolphins?  Sadly the uniforms have only become uglier over the years too.  If I were a Dolphins fan, I would much prefer to watch my team lose in the old school uniforms.  At least those were a mostly ambiguous white and not so much teal ... and of course the ever so popular salmon.  

Although my hatred for the Dolphins runs deep, I must say, it is nice having some company at the bottom of the AFC East.  Thanks Miami, you're welcome to stay as long as you'd like.  Please make yourselves at home, because you're probably going to be here a while (especially once the Bills draft Andrew Luck).  Here's to hoping for a 1-15 season Bills fans.  The 1 of course being the New Jersey Jets in the Meadowlands.


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