Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Syracuse Football: 4-1?!

For the first time this century, the Syracuse University football team has started the season 4-1.  Granted 2 of the wins came against FCS teams Maine and Colgate, but this is still a great accomplishment for a program that has been mired in mediocrity (and that's being extremely generous) for years now.

Rawr, I'm intimidating!

But what's even more impressive than the 4-1 start is THIS.  If you look all the way at the bottom, under the section that says "Others Receiving Votes," right there with 4 votes you will see .... that's right ladies and gentlemen: Syracuse!  When was the last time Syracuse Football was even mentioned in the same breath as the Top 25, let alone receiving votes from people?  This is an extremely impressive turn around (thus far) for Coach Doug Marrone.  Marrone was entrusted last year with the task of untangling the absolute MESS that Greg Robinson created in his time here at Syracuse.  Something Michigan fans are beginning to notice, much as we did.  It's sad to say but Greg Robinson just really isn't qualified to be a football coach, at any level.

Spruill, Spanish for Beast.
Doug Marrone is getting solid, underrated recruits on both sides of the ball.  He's created a tough, physical defense that absolutely stymied USF; a team that has dominated SU since they joined the Big East.  Players like Freshman Marquis Spruill, Philip and Shamarko Thomas are all solid players that have a chance to be very good.  Ryan Nassib has the potential to be the best QB we've seen in a Syracuse uniform since Donovan McNabb graduated.  Bottom line: Marrone is slowly but surely changing the culture here at SU from one of losing and unaccountability, to one of winning and responsibility.  With a legitimate chance to make and win a bowl game this year, Marrone has the opportunity to present Syracuse fans with something they we seen since 2001; A WINNING RECORD.  A winning record and a bowl win would be an absolutely astounding feat when considering the state of the program when Doug Marrone took over, and the short period of time in which he would be able to accomplish this
All of this just goes to show you that maybe Dr. Darryl Gross got it right this time after all. After the win against USF this past Saturday, in the post-game news conference, Doug Marrone had a hard time containing his tears. Somewhere in Michigan, Greg Robinson was doing the same thing, but for an entirely different reason.